Why you should avoid free proxy servers

Twitter has been restricted in Nigeria by the Nigerian government, which made Twitter users in Nigeria start seeking alternative ways to circumvent the restriction. People started using VPNs and Proxies to bypass this restriction in other to access Twitter while using Nigerian ISP Networks. I started seeing people giving out free proxies, which got my attention and I decided to write this blog to educate people on the advantages and disadvantages of using free proxies. While free proxy servers and VPNs are useful for getting around the restriction, they also have security challenges attached to them.

To explain why you should not use free proxy servers, it is necessary to first explain what proxy servers are and why people use them.

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TryHackMe Mr Robot  CTF Walkthrough

This is my walkthrough for Mr-Robot

About TryHackMe

TryHackMe is an online platform that teaches Cybersecurity through hands-on virtual labs for beginners and experts.

About Mr Robot machine

Mr Robot is a virtual machine meant for beginners/intermediate infosec users. The objective of this challenge is to find 3 hidden keys located on the machine and get a root shell.

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Best practices for preventing social engineering attacks

If you have no knowledge of what Social Engineering is all about, you can check my post on “Exploiting Human Vulnerability“. Where I explained Social engineering and its form of attacks.

In a nutshell, Social engineering is simply, the act of convincing someone into giving out confidential information. Which the perpetrator will use in compromising his victim.

In this post, I will be addressing how you can prevent these type of attacks. Read more “Best practices for preventing social engineering attacks”

Exploiting human vulnerability

The World population is about 7.7 billion. As of 2017, there were an estimated 3.9 billion Internet users worldwide. This accounts for more than half of the global population, and about more than half of the internet users are ignorant of information security. 

In this article, I will tell you how a hacker can easily compromise you online using the Social Engineering method.

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